Transedu at the 2022 Global Conference on Economic Geography

Early June the Transedu team headed to Dublin to attend the 6th Global Conference on Economic Geography. Besides various opportunities to exchange with scholars in the discipline and attend presentations on the latest research in the field, Alice, Tim and Marc also presented their current work.

Alice presented a working paper, in which she takes the empirical example of French business schools investing in Europe to conceptualize branch campuses’ location choice as a reputational strategy entangled with the (shifting) reputation of cities.

Tim presented a paper in which he conceptualizes Doha, Dubai and Ras al-Khaimah as Gateway cities for transnational higher education that provide internationalizing universities access to student markets in the Gulf and thereby function as regional amplifiers in the networks of the global knowledge-based economy.

Marc chaired the session ‘Geographies of Knowledge Production and Knowledge Flow – Universities, Networks and Regions’. In this session, he also presented some of his latest research on how universities and offshore campuses are transnationally organised. The presentation gave insights in how transnational degrees are globally composed and locally valorised in Singapore.