TRANSEDU at German Congress for Geography (DKG) 2019 in Kiel

We are excited to attend the upcoming DKG 2019 that will be hosted from 25 to 30 September in the northern German city of Kiel. Jana Kleibert co-organised two sessions to which Tim Rottleb and Alice Bobée will contribute with own presentations.

The first session will bring together researchers investigating stakeholders and their logics in urban mega-projects in the global south. Presenting his findings from his recent field research, Tim Rottleb will share insights into the strategies revolving around the construction of transnational urban education zones in the United Arab Emirates and how these seem to be integral to the production of a national narrative of future development. 

The second session critically engages with the material and discursive production of transnational spaces of higher education. Jana Kleibert will hold a presentation unpacking the notion of “education cities” and “education hubs” and introduce the concept of transnational urban education zones (TUEZs) that has been developed in our first co-authored paper. Alice Bobée will also present her first peer-reviewed publication analysing the spatial imaginaries being (re)produced in the discourses of higher education experts with regards to the development of French offshore campuses.

In case you are attending the DKG and are interested in discussing our research with us, both sessions will take place on Thursday, 26 September 2019:

  • 08:30h, room CAP2 – HS-F: “Städte der Zukunft? Akteure, Logiken und Auswirkungen (Peri-)Urbaner Megaprojekte im Globalen Süden”
  • 10:30h, room CAP3 – HS-1: Transnationale Hochschul(t)räume: kritische Perspektiven auf Märkte, Wissen und Macht in globaler Hochschulbildung