Rottleb (2022) Gateway cities for transnational higher education? Doha, Dubai and Ras al‐Khaimah as regional amplifiers in networks of the ‘global knowledge‐based economy’

Cities are territorial and social nodes in the networks that constitute global capitalism. They provide not only sites of production, consumer markets, labour pools, and house the government and financial institutions for its reproduction, but they are also emitters for capitalism’s more intangible  infrastructures and hegemonic knowledge regimes. In this paper, now published in Global Networks, Tim Rottleb analyses the strategic roles and positionalities three cities in the Arab Gulf, Doha, Dubai, and Ras al-Khaimah, have come to play in the regional organization of capitalist globalization. Based on interviews with government administrators and senior managers of university branch campuses, he conceptualizes the three cities as gateways for transnational higher education that connect internationalizing universities with particular student markets in their regional hinterlands constituted by the Arab Gulf and neighbouring subregions. These cities thereby amplify and disperse hegemonic regimes of the globalising knowledge-based economy as they produce a labour force equipped with the formal qualifications to work in the globalising industries of the region.

The article is accessible via this link: .  

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