Jana Kleibert giving seminar at Malaysia campus of Monash University

Following the invitation of Dr Koh Sin Yee, Jana Kleibert gave a talk at the Malaysia campus of Monash University on Tuesday, 23 July 2019. The presentation “Reconfiguring the United Kingdom’s transnational education geographies after Brexit: Branch campuses as flexible technology” focused on the construction of international branch campuses as a critical case study through which to understand socio-spatial transformations and contribute to “Brexit Geographies”. The presentation was followed by a broader, prolific discussion on branch campuses as phenomena of globalising higher education.

As part of the School of Arts and Social Sciences Research Seminar Series, the event did not only connect high-profile researchers and students from Monash and Humboldt University. It also contributes to the researchers engaging more deeply with branch campuses as their object of study and their workplace. In addition to that, the seminar contributed to mutual transfer of knowledge and experience around branch campuses in the global higher education community.