Guest talk on offshore campuses at conference on universities under capitalism and austerity

On Friday 20 August 2021, Tim Rottleb was invited to give a talk as a guest speaker at the conference ‘Bildung in der bürgerlichen Gesellschaft — Staat, Kapital und Bildungsidealismus’ in Regensburg, Germany. Targeting an audience at the interface of academia, activism and higher education politics, the conference dealt with the questions of what happens to Germany’s higher education system under the mounting pressures of its marketisation and how to organise against them. Tim introduced the audience to the phenomenon of offshore campuses and their global geographies and disentangled the various structural and economic reasons for which universities engage in this strategy.

The conference was organised by the initiative ‘Lernfabriken meutern’, a student led initiative campaigning against the progressing marketisation of Germany’s (higher) education system, and funded by the ‘freie zusammenschluss von student*innenschaften (fzs) e.V’, the umbrella organisation of the General Student Committees of the constituted student bodies at Germany’s universities.

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