Erkner Encounter #7: Dr. Oh, London School of Economics and Political Science

Our first digital Erkner Encounter took place on the 16th of July 2020 with Dr Do Young Oh. Do Young Oh is a Research Officer at the LSE Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre and at the LSE Middle East Centre. He holds a PhD in Regional and Urban Planning from the LSE (short-listed for the biennial ICAS Book Prize in 2019 in the category Social Sciences). His research interests focus on comparative urbanism and postcolonialism in the East Asian context. Approaching universities as actors in urban processes, his doctoral thesis dealt with the evolving university-city relationship though a comparative analysis of East Asian urbanisation processes.   

During the online meeting, we discussed similarities in processes of urban development across different countries of the Arab Gulf region and Southeast Asia that can be observed in large scale university projects. Using examples from our research, we took a closer look at how public-private economic actors relations are intertwined on multiple scales as well as how universities and branch campuses are embedded in the local contexts. Another aspect of the discussion revolved around the colonial legacy of universities in postcolonial contexts and how contemporary developments can be considered as continuations of imperialistic dynamics.

The Erkner Encounter was a great opportunity to exchange ideas on our research and hopefully will serve to kickstart further collaboration revolving around our shared empirical and theoretical interests.

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Jana Maria Kleibert

Junior Research Group Leader
Dr. Jana M. Kleibert is an economic geographer with a keen interest in the geographies of globalisation, the networks and places of global production and the remaking of global cities. […]

Tim Rottleb

Research Associate
Tim Rottleb studied Middle Eastern Studies with a focus on Political Science which was followed by a M.A. in Politics and Economics of the Middle East, both at Philipps University in Marburg, Germany. During his studies he was mainly interested in researching EU-MENA relations as well as societal conflicts in Arabic countries and their urban dimension. […]

Alice Bobée

Research Associate
Alice Bobée graduated in 2018 from a Master of Arts in “Sociology – European Societies” at the Freie University of Berlin. Her interests lie in elite studies, gender and the globalization of higher education. Her Master thesis explored the collective identity construction of students of a private School of Governance in Berlin. […]

Marc Schulze

Research Associate
Marc Schulze studied Geography, Political Science and English Studies at the University of Freiburg (Germany), the University of Sheffield (UK) and the University of Strasbourg (France). His current research focus is in Economic Geography with wider research interests in Political and Social Geography..[…]

Neil Coe

Neil Coe is Professor of Economic Geography at the National University of Singapore. His research interests are in the areas of global production networks and local economic development; the geographies of local and transnational labour markets; the geographies of innovation; and institutional and network approaches to economic development. […]

Bas van Heur

Bas van Heur is professor of Human Geography and Urban Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels and is director of the Cosmopolis Centre for Urban Research. His main research interest is in the politics of urban development and the analysis of urban development strategies and their effects. […]